“I was suffering increasing pain in the main joint of my right foot. This got worse over time as a bony lump grew on the top of the joint. I could only wear soft, loose fitting shoes. I had been active all my adult life and the pain was really getting to me. Finally I went to PFC and was diagnosed with ‘Hallux limitus’, an arthritic condition of the great toe joint. They suggested steroid injections into the toe joint combined with some special inserts for my shoes. The result was amazing. The pain subsided a few days after the injections and stayed low for months. I was advised that I needed surgery but because I am self-employed this needed to fit around my business commitments. The girls at PFC enabled me to cope in comfort for eighteen months while waiting for surgery. I had an operation on the NHS under local anaesthetic with a surgeon recommended by the practice and. I am now back to my “younger” self.”