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"I was suffering increasing pain in the main joint of my right foot. This got worse over time as a bony lump grew on the top of the joint. I could only wear soft, loose fitting shoes. I had been active all my adult life and the pain was really getting to me. Finally I went to PFC and was diagnosed with 'Hallux limitus', an arthritic condition of the great toe joint. They suggested steroid injections into the toe joint combined with some special inserts for my shoes. The result was amazing. The pain subsided a few days after the injections and stayed low for months. I was advised that I needed surgery but because I am self-employed this needed to fit around my business commitments. The girls at PFC enabled me to cope in comfort for eighteen months while waiting for surgery. I had an operation on the NHS under local anaesthetic with a surgeon recommended by the practice and. I am now back to my "younger" self."

"I have suffered years of misery with ingrowing toenails and had to have treatment on many occasions. Years ago I even had my nails taken off by my Doctor. I arrived at the surgery as an emergency patient. The treatment I received was excellent. With the help of antibiotics and a surgical procedure, which permanently takes away the ingrowing nail sides, I have finally found a cure."

"After significant weight loss as a result of illness, the bone structure of my feet became very prominent and it became increasingly painful under the ball of both feet when walking. Proprietary cushion insoles offered some relief initially but eventually the pressure on the pronounced bone under my left foot caused localised bleeding under the skin.
I visited PFC where regular foot care and bespoke insoles, soon relieved the pain and made walking easier. However the initial damage to the left foot was so severe, the pressure point under the ball was not fully healing. An impression was taken of my foot and a custom profiled insole was made to “lift” the weight from this point and spread my weight more evenly across my whole foot. After four months with regular foot care this insole has allowed the foot sore to completely heal and I am now pain free even following a full day on my feet.
I have also noticed that the discomfort in my lower back has subsided as I now walk without the need to compensate for foot pain."